Our team has been working for 15 years in the tourism sector.

We work exclusively for American tourists and tourists from the Commonwealth.

Our speciality is the D-DAY beaches : the sites, the museums and the hotels.


Our team is mainly composed of independent guides who work and live in Normandy. This is what distinguishes us from travel agencies that have never set foot in France.

We are totally independent : we do not receive any commission from anyone.

We are just passionnate people who wants to help.



What is our purpose ?


When you want to know a country or a region, it’s not easy to find your way around.

That’s why we want to help you preparing your trip on the landing beaches.

For this reason we have set up a very practical website.

In that way, your research will be simpified.

We have centralized and synthesized a large amount of information to save your time.


You will have very easy overview on :

  • Battle sites you can see
  • Tours you can do
  • Hotels you can stay


Thanks to our website you will easily be able to create your own program according to the time and the budget you have.