There are many small shops at all major landing sites.

You can find a number of souvenirs : polo shirts and t-shirts, sweaters, caps, postcards, mugs, , books, DVDs, patches, magnets, posters, medals and coins and a lot of others souvenirs

We recommend you especially the shops in museums because the items are generally of good quality and taste.

For example the Airborne Museum shop at Sainte Mère Eglise, the Caen Memorial shop and the Utah Beach Museum shop.

We would also like to mention a brand called Omaha Beach Original.

It is a French brand, more exactly a Norman brand that can be found in two museums : the Airborne Museum in Sainte Mère Eglise and the museum in front of Utah Beach (Musée du débarquement).

Omaha Beach Original offers quality t-shirts that respect history and honour the soldiers who fought in 1944.

Most importantly, Omaha Beach Original is a partner with an association based in Philadelphia that helps American Veterans who have difficulty reintegrating into society when they leave the army.

Omaha Beach Original has undertaken to donate part of its profits to this American association.

It’s rare enough and noble enough to be highlighted !